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About Bree

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Bree Greenberg Benjamin, LMFT is the founder of the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy. Opened in 2010 VTCIT is one of the first mental health centers to combine ancient systems of healing interwoven with current cutting edge systems of care. Utilizing her decades of experience as a psychotherapist also trained in healing and spiritual practices, Bree created a unique four phase model of understanding and care delivery through which she birthed protocols for eating disorders, trauma, and mood disorders among other diagnoses.


Bree has lectured and presented extensively at institutions, hospitals, conferences and universities on topics in integrative medicine, eating disorders and addictions. She has trained and supervised over 150 practitioners from disciplines ranging from internal medicine to yoga therapy. In 2015, VTCIT and Bree were featured in the documentary film “All of Me” which explored the deeper issues and meanings surrounding eating disorders for individuals and their families. During COVID Bree closed the bricks and mortar location in Vermont with plans of bringing this model to a national audience. What VTCIT taught her was beyond what she ever thought she would learn about not only care but all systems, their limits and their possibilities. 

Her emerging vision is currently being captured in The Possibility Program, a systemic method and practice that teaches large organizations, including healthcare, to alchemize change at the deepest levels while creating sustainable systems that aim practitioners and clients toward liberation. With a deep reverence for the mystery of healing and a passionate focus on making global and lasting change in traditional care, Bree synthesizes many systems of understanding to present a breadth of understanding about addiction and health care that is rarely spoken for.

Bree has been envisioning systems of care that challenge current thinking for two decades. Her clarity and compassionate understanding of the challenges we all face as humans brings an honesty to her care, her teaching and the systems she designs. Her passion rests in creative liberation for individuals, groups and larger systems. Her knowledge base includes systems and transpersonal psychology, contemplative practices, yoga and eastern medicine. She is known for her dynamic speaking presence and her ability to weave disparate elements into new forms that change view, conversation, and care.



Bree Greenberg-Benjamin has been a key educator for our Child Psychiatry Fellowship program at Dartmouth. She is a gifted teacher and clinician who has a rich and nuanced understanding of the treatment of eating disorders. Bree has the rare knack for being able to translate clinical expertise into an educational experience that is meaningful and formative for health care clinicians who are themselves striving to learn the art and craft of working with such complex patients. She is an innovator in her approach, folding in a holistic understanding and broad interventional repertoire, combined with a solid underpinning of science-based evidence and technique. Such gifted clinician/educators are rare in my 30 years of experience in Child Psychiatry and Bree never fails to leave our group clamoring for more of her time and talent.

Craig Donnelly, MD, Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics

Program Director of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

 Bree's integrative approach combining psychology, eastern philosophy/techniques and body, energy and breath work saved my daughter's life and helped me to understand how to be there for my daughter in a positive way. Because of Bree's care, my daughter has become a whole and healthy functional young woman. 

Gail Lewis Lefkowitz Cohen

Client/Mother of Client

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