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Private Sessions

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Join Bree Greenberg, LMFT, for private, in-person individual or intimate group sessions that safely dismantle core patterns in the psyche, the physical being, and the energy body. This work reaches to the core while respecting the integrity of the individual system. Private sessions take place in the comfort of your home or a hotel. Bree works with each individual while also alchemizing the shared patterns in the group and clearing lineage, misperceptions, and fundamental obstacles. All will leave with a felt sense of lightening, vibrancy, and aliveness. Half- and full-day sessions available.

For more information on private sessions contact Bree. 


Bree offers one-time in-depth consultations for individuals and families over video call. Sessions range from 1-1.5 hours. Bree will take a detailed history listening for the origins of the presenting issues and the complexity of how they have affected the system over time.  Depending on the circumstances, she may choose to work with your system in the consultation session. If there is availability for movement at that time and with your consent, she may begin to energetically shift dynamics. At the end of the session, Bree will offer detailed recommendations for treatment and may also be able to recommend practitioners. You will leave with a wider perspective and a road map of how to move forward.

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 "Bree's integrative approach combining psychology, eastern philosophy/techniques and body, energy and breath work saved my daughter's life and helped me to understand how to be there for my daughter in a positive way. Because of Bree's care, my daughter has become a whole and healthy functional young woman."

Gail Lewis Lefkowitz Cohen, Client/Mother of Client

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