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The Center is the pulsating nexus of a larger movement.

One that is bringing a model for infusing vibrancy back into the systems of relating we accept as solid and untouchable. Through shifting the base templates of our collective relational frames, this movement can address change on any level of scale, bringing wider systemic resolution to seemingly irresolvable situations and reclaiming the essential natural movement coming directly through us as emergent art in each and every moment.

This movement has been in development for almost three decades and has taken multiple shapes including a decade of multidisciplinary integrative care approaches created by the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, one of the first mental health centers to combine ancient systems of healing with current cutting edge systems of care.

With an aim of fuller existence rather than just symptom reduction or sobriety—this movement goes beyond any of the frames we currently have for care. Its purpose is to create rifts of possibilities and to show you that the way we have developed certainties about ourselves, the world and particularly our limits is absolutely false. This approach offers healing but frames even healing as part of a larger movement towards recalling and reclaiming wholeness.

The Center allows participants to engage live in an online gathering space created to hold the resonance of self-intimacy and vitality for collective liberation. 

Becoming a member will allow you to access key elements of the movement, including:


  • an educational, interactive library that houses and collects the evolution of this model’s development, expressions and intellectual property


  • a robust message board where all participants can engage, dialogue, play with their understanding and learn from each other and me! 


  • live opportunities weekly to learn, receive clearings, see demos and discuss the model with me in a place off social media and among others that are invested in the anchoring of this reality


  • discounts on more intensive offerings such as in-depth trainings about the model, in-person retreats, and a research-based laboratory to test out new cutting edge interventions and combinations of medicines to further its range and methods

Everything about and in this Center wants to be touched by you, wants your participation, your engagement and it wants to evolve YOU as you travel within it!

The first 50 people to join will get 25% off of current Intensive Courses.

Join today as a founding member.


 monthly payments


one time payment

(yearly cost savings of $228)

Membership includes access to The Center's Circle platform which contains event pages for live calls, a discussion forum, and a recording library, as well as discounted links to intensive trainings and courses. 

purple peony petals.png
the Center transparent.png
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