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Agreements for The Center Membership

I understand that being part of The Center allows me to participate in an ongoing emergent movement. One that I am part of and one that is much larger than myself. By being here, my contribution both diversifies the movement and carries it forward. With this understanding, I show up to The Center with the utmost integrity and respect, as if it is an extension of my home. 


I also understand that all content within The Center is the original property and original creation of Bree Greeberg. All language, recordings, terminology, teaching, and organizational structure are protected, copyrighted intellectual property not to be replicated, shared, or utilized without express permission from Bree. 


I understand that the live recordings of teachings and talks, including sharings from participants, will be included within the recording library of The Center and that individual process work may be used as training material for practitioners. 

Areas of Engagement
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