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For three weeks this fall, Bree Greenberg will be traveling to the West Coast. Her in-person and virtual incubator programs and individual work have been described as “elementally shifting;” “like a dose of 5-meo DMT;” and like “five years of therapy in two hours.” During her West Coast residency, organizations or individuals can experience the work through these offerings:



EATING DISORDERS, THE EROTIC, AND THE WAY Two-Day Immersive Workshop Join Bree Greenberg, LMFT, for this two-day immersion where everything you thought you knew about eating disorders, spirituality, and treatment will be challenged and reimagined. In these two days, you will be offered a new language, frame, and context for understanding not only Eating Disorders but all addictive patterning and the liberatory nature behind them. You will leave with an introduction to an emergent healing model with a wider, more inclusive view and practices for living more fully that you can apply right now. Our current frame for contextualizing addictions focuses on symptomatic behaviors and the restrictions of the trauma body, but ignores the way that eating disorders attempt to remediate the individual’s lack of vitality and control the erotic’s natural movement through a kind of distorted understanding of safety. Models that only attend to containment of behaviors and thoughts create opportunities for survival patterns to take on different forms repeatedly offering the illusion of change but never resolving the core divisions or conflicts. Bree presents a bio-psycho-social-energetic model which centers eating disorders, addiction, and addictive patterns within the context of a larger societal and epigenetic inheritance. In this model, addiction decontextualized from diagnosis is comprised of patterns of survival and compensation in response to trauma or oppression. These patterns repeat within lineage, are often mistaken for identities and a false sense of belonging, and are supported by western societies. The chasm or division that is formed and carried through lineage will continue to “sing out” the lack of wholeness and belonging until resolution is created through liberating bound life force and reweaving the inner system to be in alignment with honesty and groundedness. This model offers the opportunity for alchemy to take place through strategic scaffolding, de-programming, somatic and nervous system rewiring, transpersonal liberation work, and conditions that support and facilitate movement and rooting. In this model, healing is framed as part of a larger movement towards recalling, reclaiming, and wholeness. It most simply offers the way back to essential nature.

AT THE EDGE: EROTICISM, ADDICTION, AND THE HIGHLY CREATIVE Two-Day Immersive Workshop How are the choices or lack of choices in our world today so deeply informed by systemic oppression that its roots and tentacles have become invisible to us? How is this invisible foundation accepted as our frame for living with rules, habits, and limits that we have adapted to in order to belong and get along? Creatives have always pushed the boundaries of these limits. In all times, art is what reflects life and its inevitable evolution–even in the most challenging of circumstances. This model harnesses the invisible frame and offers beside it a new one to consider and to play in. This new frame is rooted in what’s actually happening when we connect to our own erotic, emergent nature. What solutions can arise? What new worlds can we envision? And most importantly, how can we, in the moment, relate from pure honesty to untangle thousands of years of habituated dishonesty, hiding, and obfuscation of what has always been ours to claim? Join Bree Greenberg, LMFT, for this two-day immersive experience diving into the primal nature of the highly creative. The drive towards a highly creative life is the parallel drive for deep intimacy with oneself and therefore all of life. Because of the way we are entrained into dependency which opposes intimacy, high level creatives often struggle with various patterns of addiction. Pouring oneself into one’s art–but often experiencing the rest of their lives as surface. In this incubator, Bree will present the synergy between art, intimacy, physics, addiction, and liberation of expression and movement. You will learn to play in a field of wide possibilities while holding your own intimate expression. Through a combination of teaching, experiential learning and engaged play, you will emerge from this space with unmitigated access to honesty and vitality that will carry forward in all of your relating.

PRIMAL INITIATIONS, EMERGENT PHENOMENA, AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: One-Day Immersive Workshop Join Bree Greenberg, LMFT, for this one-day immersion that is deeply concerned with the human capacity to orient spiritual experiences. This incubator is a unique program offered to individuals or groups whom chronically struggle with integrating experiences of Spiritual Initiations or Awakenings, and/or other Emergent Phenomena (e.g., energetic, mystical, expansive, spiritual, dissolution, ego death, psychic phenomena, out-of-body, etc.) as a result of meditation; psychedelics; yoga; breathwork; or other mind/energy expanding practices–or even during experiences with grief, childbirth, or Near-Death Experiences. This foundational program works at the level that matters - that of an individual’s underlying base architecture. During the process of Emergence and in its often-destructive wake, a great expansion illuminates the distorted root structures that are actually present in individuals before entry into Emergent experiences, but may be latent or hidden by coping mechanisms. Individuals who are seemingly unable to find wholeness and integration of their experiences (e.g., an extended Dark Night of the Soul) are apprehended in “completing” or traversing an Emergence cycle due to the lack of integrity or fullness of these underlying structures. In fact, this state of apprehended integration actually serves as an incubator of transformation that Emergence is meant to trigger. Through this lens, we understand unintegrated Emergence to simply be an unfinished transformational process, the conditions for which are actually ripe in afflicted individuals, but can only find full resolution given proper treatment. The process of Emergence involves the transformation and alchemy of multiple worlds and realties coming into contact and relationship with one another. All past patterns and templates of relationship, both personal and systemic, will come to bear during this process. One must continue walking this path until there is a new harmony, a greater communication, and a wider range within the organic system. The support, landscape, and understanding an individual has available to them during this period can either ease this transformative process or hinder it. Misunderstanding or lack of proper frame can derail integration by years.


Join Bree Greenberg, LMFT, for private, in-person individual or intimate group sessions that safely dismantle core patterns in the psyche, the physical being, and the energy body. This work reaches to the core while respecting the integrity of the individual system. Private sessions take place in the comfort of your home or a hotel. Bree works with each individual while also alchemizing the shared patterns in the group and clearing lineage, misperceptions, and fundamental obstacles. All will leave with a felt sense of lightening, vibrancy, and aliveness. Half- and full-day sessions available.

For more information on participating in or hosting one or more of these immersions, contact

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