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NYC Summer Intensive

August 2024

Liberation work like you have never seen before

with Bree Greenberg, LMFT and Kylie D Fae

Focused on unearthing your own creative source of vitality, this six day intensive will turn everything you think about control and freedom on its head. After two decades of studying, creating and working with the most challenging systems, Bree has developed maps that reflect their inner structure, how they behave, how they stubbornly remain in place and what to do to create real challenges to their dominance. Kylie has had a life long initiation in the alchemical magic that is turning pain and trauma into raw power, and using it as the gift, privilege, and the strength that it is meant to be.

This intensive is one part treatment and nine parts portal to discovering your own living. In our time together, Bree and Kylie will take you through a different approach to what your system is doing, why it's doing it, why it can't seem to give it up, what the key roles of futility play and what and where your actual real power is: our blend of experience within the areas of addiction, systems architecture, contemplative traditions and shamanism have gifted us with the tools to directly cut through the veneer and go right to the places where you experience blockages and where your own aliveness already is.

These workshops are designed for those who have already done considerable work, participate in the world as high level creatives, and have a desire to be fully intimate and engaged with all of life. These are high touch events.

We will go to places in 6 days that usually require years in therapy, accelerating your process of inner connection.


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