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6 weeks

 12 energetic doses of pure reordering creation


No talking no processing

Chronic Conditions Study

Pain  ~  Eating Disorders ~ Dark Nights

This study measures the benefits of repeated exposure to an energy field of fundamental love/power on the fixed patterns of chronic conditions.  The postulation is that all three conditions, despite appearing different, have the same base patterns that create apprehended movement and growth/evolution. Historically this intervention has created benefits in reducing global inflammation, improving relationships to self and other, and increasing feelings of wellbeing.  This study is the first to use this dosage over 6 weeks and to measure all three conditions together. 

Participants must meet one or more of the criteria below to attend the study:

  • Chronic pain or chronic illness for more than 3 years


  • Chronic struggles with eating disorders for more than 4 years

  • Chronic states of “dark night” following an emergent experience for more than 2 years*​​

Participants will be asked to fill out a self report measure before and after the six week intervention and must agree to attend 9 of the 12 “doses” live as well as use the recordings for the ones they miss.

Each “dose” consists of an energetic clearing and reordering done through zoom as a group. Participants will login and after a brief greeting we will all enter the larger field together and the clearing and transmission will begin. An hour will be reserved but the session will last between 25-60 minutes each time and will differ at each intervention depending on need. 

The schedule is as follows:

All sessions at 10:15amEDT/7:15amPDT/4:15pmCET

Week 1

Monday, July 22 and Thursday, July 25


Week 2

Tuesday, July 30 and Saturday, August 3


Week 3

Monday, August 5 and Wednesday, August 7


Week 4

Sunday, August 11 and Tuesday, August 13

Week 5

Wednesday, August 21 and Friday, August 23 


Week 6 

Tuesday, August 27 and Friday, August 30

Two payment options:

$58 x 6 weekly payments 

$325 full payment in advance

*For dark night experiencers - if you are interested in sharing your story (audio-only) to raise awareness, please contact

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