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Public Talks

You can purchase a ticket to attend live or you can purchase and view the recording for up to two weeks after the talk date. After two weeks  the recording will be moved to the Membership Resource library.

The Intro Talk

March 10, 4-6pmET

There is no way to bring people out of loveless conditions without the robust presence of clean love.

The past two decades of my life have taken me to many places and experiences that deeply inform what I understand about not only clinical but ALL relational systems. 

There is always a way that your whole system wants to move, to cooperate, to breathe within its breath. The occlusion to that cooperation and movement—that central breath—creates dissonance, distortion and disease. And almost every system of healing we currently use applies the “medicine” to the symptoms of that inability to cooperatively move. 

Not that addressing symptoms isn’t helpful, however, it continues to leave that central cooperative movement out of order or not in its highest form of cooperation. Systems that address that movement as primary and then the remediation of symptoms WITHIN the most important landscape of primary movement will ultimately return way more vibrancy and health.

Join me Sunday March 10 on zoom for this robust introduction talk to my model. Learn how the clinical piece is just one application, what it’s meant to do, how it applies, why it’s so complicated and so simple, how it can shift your frame and understanding, and how the heck it can address large systems without fighting them. 

This is a talk but will also include an engaged question and answer portion.

Purchase a Ticket for Live Event and Two Weeks of Access to Recording: 

Contact Bree for scholarship options. 

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