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My work over the past two decades has shown me a variety of structures, what they hold, where they are birthed from, as well as the limits and freedoms they create. For the last seven years I’ve been learning to play with structures in spaces that are not fixed or solid.  From these learnings, I create refine through a process of greater alignment to service and that then births structure but in a more organic co-creative way. The possibility program capitalizes on all of this acquired knowledge to introduce opportunities/possibilities in places where it seems endless and dire.

Current Offerings

For clients:


Currently, I am no longer taking one-on-one clients or families for psychotherapy. 


If you are interested in working with me clinically, I am offering the following:

  • One-time in-depth consultations for individuals and families.

    • These range 1-1.5 hours. I will take a detailed history listening for the origins of the presenting issues and the complexity of how they have affected the system over time. 

    • Depending on the circumstances, I may choose to work with your system in the consultation session. If there is availability for movement at that time and with your consent, I may begin to energetically shift dynamics. At the end of the session, I will offer detailed recommendations for treatment and may also be able to recommend practitioners. 

    • You will leave with a wider perspective and a road map of how to move forward.


Inquire by email at for more information.

The Double Binds Incubator. Early December 2022. Six weeks 

Double binds are no win situations that demand that we trade our own true expression for belonging. 

They represent the roots of abuse and exploitation and give birth to addictive or dependency pattens that are comprised of recursive, habitual and embodied survival and compensation.   Anyone who has grown up in a family or culture that is constructed on the basis of double binds (racism, misogyny, poverty etc) knows the experience of entrapment that creates a self that is constructed from trauma (or chronic lack of access to essential love as leverage).  

In this six week container we will be working all layers of the double bind from its roots to all of the ways that it reproduces itself into what appears as different confiurations.  This is an intensive program with a 2.5 a week commitment over two days and two days of text support in between.  This program works the core of my addiction program and offers access to me in a deep and transformative way.  Message at for more information.

For professionals:


  • Direct one to one consultation for working with complex individual or family systems.

  • Attend one of my six-week intensive tasters. Dates and Times TBD.

  • Inquiry Form

For organizations:


  • Create integrative care architecture for your organization. 

    • Implementation and integration of therapeutic care models with organizational development strategies customized to meet the needs of multidimensional practitioners and organizations.  Minimum six-month commitment.  Email at for more information.​

  • Speaking engagements.  Topics include Constellations, Eating Disorders and other dependency patterns, Integrative Care/Collective Care, Alchemizing complex systems for transformation and maturational models of health care.

For Educational Institutions:


Special Offerings:

Fundamentals of the Eating Disorder Path: A Six-Week Online Course for Health Care and Medical Professionals 

Dates to be announced.

Tuition: $1250, payment plans available upon request. 

Register Here. 

This six-week training for professionals outlines the Eating Disorder (ED) journey through the view of liberation. For the past twenty years of supervising and teaching, Bree Greenberg has been learning how to map what happens in the room with individuals struggling with eating disorders. This mapping revealed a more complex and dynamic landscape that birthed a model we’ll explore in this course.

This model covers the main topics and patterns that present co-occurring issues, family and lineage patterns, practitioner transference and a four phase model of progression. It frames the presence of ED and other addictions through the lens of larger more dominant forces in our society, families and lineages. It is shame-reducing, systemic, thorough and broad.

Some familiarity with parts of self, the unconscious and systems theory is helpful but not mandatory. All sessions will include a weekly teaching followed by an interactive question/answer time. This course is open to all practitioners working with ED including doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, bodyworkers, somatic practitioners and coaches.

In this 6-week course we’ll cover:

  • The limitations of our current model on both practitioners and clients

  • The four phases of eating disorders, how they express themselves and relate to each other

  • How you identify and evaluate where someone is in the phases

  • Identifying and working the energies of shame, desire, hunger, despair, rage and helplessness

  • The role and place of the body, the mind, the heart and the gut

  • How you hold space, the deep importance of the space you hold and what this means for your own process

  • Working as a multidisciplinary team and the importance of this

  • How eating disorders can exist in the service of liberation 

The Alchemy of Liberation: A Semi-Silent Retreat

Beginning of November 2022, Southwest Florida

Dates and Location TBD

Sign up here for pre-screening appointment with Bree


Beyond coping and compensation lies a space where play, ritual and reverence create the scaffolding for emergent possibility. We will beckon and co-create the conditions for this space to experience an aliveness that is our normal state of being.


These 7-days hold the opportunity for deepening inner connection, alchemizing obstacles to thriving and clearing relational blocks that are patterned over generations.


With four multidisciplinary practitioners, nourishing food and a big field for transformation we will move through a process of rooting in the body, stabilizing the mind, allowing the heart and body to relax and receive; while uprooting blockages and inviting the many selves into a process of dance and play. This work can take you as deep as you desire to go and the team is prepared to hold safety and space for emergence.


The week will consist of long periods of silence, individual work, group meta process, bodywork and voice/movement play. Participants are expected to have a significant amount of inner work plus a degree of inner stability in order to participate. 


With the Ocean as the primary land based spirit we will welcome her power and her movement as a catalyst for our own. Be prepared for grief, transformation, emergence and clarity.


Two Week Online Preparatory Journey


Seven Day In-Person Retreat in SW Florida


Two Week Online Post-Integration 

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