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"We have a chance to create a new framework where every generation after us has love as a resource instead of control."
Therapy Sessions
The Possibility Program

Rooted in what’s real, what’s now, what’s ancient and what is relationally sound.

From this place flows honour, respect, compassion, permission and possibility.

About Bree

Bree Greenberg, LMFT, founded the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy, an innovative multidisciplinary model of mental health care that created a systemic solution to many challenges the current healthcare system faces. Her work with dependency patterns has been highlighted in the documentary film All of Me and she's been a featured speaker and teacher at universities, hospitals and conferences nationally. Her radical approach to systems synthesis births cutting edge programs aimed at liberation and changing the way we think about and create health care.

"When the aim is honesty, you realize that the endgame of the work has shifted."

Bree Heather Greenberg

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