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Intensive Courses

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The Masterclass

“This masterclass was like LSD. Pulsing with the field of love.” —Participant

The only masterclass that Bree will ever do, this three hour teaching is a more advanced deep dive into the model and the process of maturation. This is aimed for anybody who already has some familiarity with this model or with similar approaches such as animism or daoism.

Themes explored include: 

  • Spiritual awakenings and initiations

  • Extended dark nights of the soul

  • Phases of spiritual maturation

  • Connection between embodied systemic oppression and addiction

  • Navigating hunger and starvation

  • Expression of one’s unique tone

  • How past trauma can manifest in the present

  • How identity is constructed through shared reality fields

  • Shifting movement out of the trauma field and into the existence field

  • Addressing creative energy as a source of change



Eating Disorders and the Erotic

Walk out of the experience of futility.

Eating disorders are, among other things, conditions of well behaved-ness. The systemized oppression of the creative producing inflated egoic superiority in its cooperation with an invisible (and visible) rule set that seems to heighten one’s status and therefore power.  The underside is the absolute starvation of the erotic leading to and pollinating every single part of the being until starvation becomes elevated into the status of power. Of rebellion. Of a distorted form of love.

There is absolutely nothing here that is about eating disorders, this is the face and architecture of all systemic oppression. And it is everywhere. Everything begs for your cooperation with its fictional rules promising the reward of increased access to some status. You have given yourself away so long you forget who and what you really are. With barely a shred left you try everything to be seen again but it’s all couched in falsities and everyone else is hiding too. This is how an entire culture, an entire world, drowns and pretends otherwise. 

This pre-recorded course includes six hours of teaching videos and a 45 minute energetic clearing video.


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